Monday, January 6, 2014

Father, behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should fall

Happy day loved ones,

I really like being in a trio. It's been like a blast all week. I think it helped that we've all been roommates for the last 2 transfers so we're all BFFs but really, we've been working in unity and seeing lots of tender mercies. I'm a little nervous that it's Sister Walton and I's last week together. Of course, we've been together the last 3 transfers so it would logically follow that one of us would leave but she's my best friend right now. There are only 6 Spanish sisters so the transfer will just be a little switcharoo between us all. But I just feel like I know Sister Walton the best and we get each other's jokes and teach well together and I wouldn't mind at all if I finished my mission with her. But that kind of thinking is exactly why the Lord would switch it up. Change means growth. Means learning news things and becoming better.

Well...let's see this week...Oh! We watched Prince of Egypt on New Year's eve. Our list grew this year and lots of Disney movies were included but we decided on Prince of Egypt because it would remind us the least of home. And it actually turned out to be so inspirational and spirit filled. We went to the Manito's ward mission leader's home and it was just so fun. Spinach artichoke dip and chips and salsa. Needless to say, we have decided to only eat sugar on p-days now. The holidays were a sugar overload. ALL food overload actually. Carrot sticks and brown rice for the rest of my mission!

We've been having lots of blessings. Juan and Ramon came on a church tour and they've been coming to church every week. They both know the Book of Mormon is true but they are not quite ready for baptism. They came to a baptism on Saturday and both LOVED it. Afterward we walked them around the temple (usually our baptisms are at the stake center but there were too many baptisms scheduled that they had to go to the valley. We have good problems in our mission :)) And they really seemed to like it. We texted them last night to see if they had received an answer to their prayers about Joseph Smith and Juan said "yes, I will tell you later!" Ahh! so we'll find out tomorrow. I think it's a good answer. They are both so honest in heart!

And also last week, we invited Adriana to church and she sent us a reply back about how we don't need church to show God we love him. We felt like maybe we had said something wrong but we really didn't know what. We were hesitant to try back and especially because we cover two areas now it's harder to get out to Airway Heights as often. But we stopped by on Saturday and she was so happy to see us! The kids had been asking when the hermanas would come back! Turns out her friend had texted us back against Adriana's wishes and it was just a misunderstanding! I really have a good feeling about their sweet family. Oh, I just love them so.

We are teaching a 17 year old girl in the Manito ward and she is incredible! We taught her the restoration on Sunday and by Friday, she'd finished 1 Nephi. She knows it's true and is getting baptized on Feb. 1st! I'm super excited. It's been so rewarding to teach in the English area too. We don't teach as many lessons in the Spanish so I'm just happy to be teaching people and inviting people closer to Christ!

Our mission is reaching President Mullen's vision. We've been having accountability calls each night and it's totally helped us improve. It's like truly miraculous all the things that have been happening across the mission! Elder Anderson is coming on Saturday to talk to us about how we've been reaching and achieving our goals. My first apostle on my mission (well, Elder Bednar came to the MTC but this time I'll get to shake his hand!) and I am so thrilled. 

I love this work. Now more than ever before. I just get so tender thinking about even all the mundane aspects of missionary work because this time is just so precious. I'll be home and at BYU and married and all those great things someday but that will be life forever. My mission is a moment. I want to treasure it forever.

I sure do love you. and the Lord. and especially the Book of Mormon. I'm finishing Alma this week and I just cannot.get.enough. Too good!

Hermana Judd

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