Monday, March 17, 2014

thus they went out of the world rejoicing

Hey cuties,

Another short email because i've got other fish to fry during this time but here are the highlights:

ROSA C. has and always will be my favorite person in Spokane Valley. Remember her? Hilarious less-active from Uruguay. Oh, I adore her. Anyway, last year she was hardly moving. But now she is on FIRE! She has been coming to church and making major changes in her life. She is so faithful! She has two adopted sons and she gave them the "ok!" to get baptized this week.

We brought President Lopez with us to one of our lessons and it was perfect. The Elders visit Rosa too and they assigned the boys, Gaje (sounds like gauge) and Shane, to memorize a scripture this week. They are pretty rambunctious boys and Rosa has been hesitating to let them get baptized because she was still working on her testimony and because she isn't sure if they know enough. But then president Lopez promised her that the Holy Ghost would help them, and as she continues to grow and share her testimony with the boys, they will learn to repent and change. Then sweet little 10 year old Gaje pipes up and says, "yeah just like it says in the Book of Mormon on page 116." and we just look at him bewildered. 

what does it say?

"and the father said: repent ye, repent ye, and be baptized in the name of my Beloved Son."

I think my heart stopped. The spirit swooped in and hit me hard in the chest. He's 10! And he hit it on the head! I was speechless. The first time in a lesson that I actually teared up. Rosa teared up too because the moment was just so perfect. Then we put them on-date for April 12th. I wanted to campaign for the 5th of April but that's conference weekend and it would be better for April 12th. It was dejavu to when Sister Hicks went home and she missed the Avila's baptism by one week. But it's not about me. And i'm happy anyway.

We have appointments set up this week with all my former investigators from last year! The Salazar family, Gloria C., Daniel M., and Marta G. I'm hoping their hearts are softened and they are more prepared this time around.

Life is good. Strange and SO fast, but good. 

We went to Winco on Saturday night just for the sake of proselyting. We went in and perused and shopped and bought stuff but we went in on a secret mission to find Hispanics. It was fun. I just love being a missionary and talking to people that i'm not sure I'll ever stop. I remember thinking once in Cheney, "if only i could enroll in some classes and make some friends with my classmates and then invite them to learn about the gospel!" And then it dawned on me that that is what members are for. I know my badge gives me courage but i'm really trying to motivate my future self to talk to everybody still and find opportunities to invite even strangers! If the missionaries deserve it and if i can help it, I will always have a referral for them.

Anyway, love y'all lots.

Hermana Judd

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