Monday, March 24, 2014

and those who died in the faith of Christ are happy

Hey loves,

No time to write. (trying to figure out my class schedule. yikes) 

We had a wonderful week. Elder Christoffel Golden came to visit to reorganize a stake and we got to have a surprise visit with him. It was incredible. Like amazing and beautiful and (maybe even better than when Elder Anderson came?!) He is from South Africa so he just had like a magical "once upon a time" voice and he said such inspired things. AND I got to see Hermana Walton and I basically cried I was so happy to see that baby girl. 

The sun is out and Spring has officially started.

I know that I'm officially the worst at writing missionary emails ever but whadya expect???

Good news is: I've been so consistent at writing in my journal that all these final weeks are recorded with love. 

peace out my friends!

Hermana Judd

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