Monday, December 16, 2013

and doing these things, they did abound in the grace of God.

Howdy loves,

It was such a great week in the Washington Spokane mission. I love this place so, so, so much. I'm absolutely convinced these Washingtonians are the greatest people on the planet. The week before last week it was like beyond freezing. Like 5 degrees every day but this last week it was in the 40's so it was toasty and nice :)

We had interviews with President and Sister Mullen on Tuesday. It was so great. I had a heart to heart with Sister Mullen about the little (and big) things I'm working on right now in my missionary work. I'm trying to be more humble and have less pride. But boy, I've got a lot of pride and I know at least a little has been chiseled off in the last 15 months, but I sure do got a ways to go. She told me just to "act" like the way I want to be. She says, "Maybe you don't feel like being kind but just act kind and God will supply the feeling". She is so right. I can't change my heart, but God can. 

We've been accounting every night to our District leaders about how many people we've talked to and if we are being exactly obedient and things like that and it's been super motivating. I sometimes feel like I'm in a slump that I just can't get out of but I've been really trying more to focus on the work, focus on the people and make every opportunity a good one. I feel like my forte right now is working with our members. We've earned a lot of trust here in this area and I feel the prayers of the members.

There is a young couple that moved here for Dental school from BYU-I that we just love because they are so missionary minded and we went to their house on Monday and then afterwards we asked if they would come upstairs to carol their neighbor who speaks Spanish. They were so on-board and super excited. Members make all the difference! Maria, from Argentina, is now like our BFF :)

We had a grand miracle this week. On Friday, the Manito sisters (whom we live with) gave us a referral for Juan Miguel. He is like early 20s from El Salvador and he's studying here at a community college in Spokane. We called him Saturday evening , and because of our accountings each night, we invited him to come to church on Sunday. And he came! And brought a friend, Ramon! And stayed ALL 3 hours! And they took the bus! And they lives in OUR area. It was the craziest, most awesome thing. Church attendance is probably the hardest thing for our investigators. People always make up excuses to not come but Juan AND Ramon came! We had never even met them or anything. We sat by them during church and everyone came up to introduce themselves and ask us how teaching was going and we just looked at them like, "nope, never taught them. never met them. they just SHOWED up!" needless to say, we will be meeting with them this week. SO great! TONS of potential. miracles for Christmas!

Also, yesterday morning we were calling different people to invite them to church and we called Isabel, who we met this week and we left her a voicemail and I said (in Spanish), "Hola Isabel, we just were calling to invite you to church today. It starts at1 pm at the Indiana building in Spokane. We ask thee, Father...uhh I mean, we ask thee to come. See ya. Bye" I hung up and we died laughing. Believe it or not, she didn't come. you know you are a missionary when...

Here's some pictures:

so, the other day we taught the Bautistas and Sister McCombie came with us (and because she is a saint) she brought the little girl she babysits everyday (yes, she has 6 of her OWN kids!) and the little girl, Leann has this little reindeer and I said, "I HAD that reindeer TOO when I was growing up!" and I had to take a picture 'cause it was just a little bit of home.

Porche's baptism! 

one of her and President McCombie.

more pics: our little christmas tree! aren't the ornaments so cute? a member gave them to us and then another member gave us lights and a star so it's actually a little more decked out and already we've received a few packages to put under there :)

elder wilson is one of the senior missionaries in our spanish branch. he's a hoot. he came to our coordination meeting the other week and brought his shoe shining supplies. love it!

it really was 5 degrees! this is also us listening to the lower lights cd for the umpth time. love it!

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