Monday, November 18, 2013

Yea, and the most joyous to the soul.

Hey sweet friends of the Earth,

I'm feeling really happy these days. We had Zone Conference this week and it was so wonderful. President Mullen has a great vision for our mission and we all feel it. He wants to double the baptisms for our mission in 14 weeks. And then keep going. We will build and build and build. I know it's possible. I feel it with my whole heart. I don't know how it will get done exactly, but Nephi had never built a ship before either. 

I really want to be Nephi. I've been thinking that every day in my studies lately. He's so obedient to the Lord and so willing to submit to Him. He is patient and kind with his brothers and he doesn't complain when the Lord sends him hard things. 

And I said: Lord, whither shall I go that I may find ore to molten, that I may make atools to construct the ship after the manner which thou hast shown unto me?

So President Mullen wants us to have 20 lessons each week. 3 lessons every day. It's completely possible. I've taught 30+ lessons in a week before. But if we aren't able to teach non-members, then those 20 lessons include members too. We just want to be teaching. We don't have very many people to teach so we've been packing our evenings full of member visits. There are only a few members of the branch that live on the South Hill but we haven't let that deter us. We have worked with the missionaries in the Stake to find out who speaks Spanish in their wards and we've been visiting all the Spanish speaking members in the Stake. It's been so fun. I seriously have loved it so much. There are lots of young husbands in law school at Gonzaga that speak Spanish and we just love them and their sweet families. Maybe it's because we are sisters, or maybe because we are different, but people just LOVE us. I think it has to do with the fact that we are Spanish speaking and so we remind all these Spanish speaking RMs of their missions and they just feel a tender spot in their heart for this Spanish work. We have seen so many blessings from teaching the members. It has made all the difference for me. 

And our sweet Hondurian family, Ernesto and Vilma are so great. Ernesto has high blood pressure and he got pretty sick this week so we weren't able to teach too much but we're headed over there tomorrow and he says he is really looking forward to talking to us. After our FHE lesson last week he said, "Thank you. Your Spanish was perfect but the lesson was even better. Beautiful!" Yay! 

We got a referral from a Peruvian sister, Marisol, in our branch for one of her best friends. We stopped by a few times but she wasn't ever there. But then on Sunday, she was making food for their Peruvian club and Marisol invited us to come. Oh it was delicious. And so productive! It was like visiting all of mom's family is McAllen. Lots of laughing. Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. Oh I loved it. And SHE asked us for our number so we could come and visit her! YAY!

We've been laughing a lot this week and just loving it. We are doing our best and that counts. 

I love this work. I love my Savior. I reeeeeally love my Savior. I am so blessed to serve a mission. It means everything to me. 

Love y'all!

Hermana Em

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