Monday, November 25, 2013

And now, if the Lord has such great power how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship

Hey dears,

It was a good week. The assistants came yesterday to reorganize the boundaries of all the Spanish missionary areas. So now we only cover a portion of the South Hill and all of the West Stake wards. It's a good change. I think that is how it was originally supposed to be but something got lost in translation. I'm incredibly grateful though that we had the time we did on the South Hill because I now know SO much about member missionary work and just being smart about finding. I feel like I'm so much more prepared to cover the area we have now. Or to ever cover an English ward again-but that probably won't happen. But I mean, ya never know.

Jake sent me the best letter ever this last week and I feel like we are living a very similar mission. I just love that Elder Judd so much.

Not much has happened in terms of investigators, but we are seeing little miracles everyday. I tell ya, I just love the people of Spokane. Hands down, there are no greater people. I reeeeaaaaallly love this place. It was exactly where the Lord knew I needed to be. It's like Hey Arnold. Have I ever said that before? We think it all the time. It's just little charming houses, and dreamy city scapes and it's so "Hey Arnold". I serve in "Hey Arnold", so ya know.

We have lots of visits on Thanksgiving. My personal rule is only one dinner appointment, or else we will explode but we are just stopping by to visit different families in the area. Lots of people are inviting non member friends so that is great. 

This is my very favorite time of the year to be a missionary. I remember Sister Tippetts telling me that it is fun all year to be a missionary and that is so true, but the holidays are absolutely the most perfect. Christmas carols and soft hearts and warm fireplaces. OH I love it. 

Here's some pictures to sum up our adventures this week:

Last week, a sister had us over to make candy and sing carols for pday. She makes her own honey and paints watercolor and plays the mandolin. I want to be her. Sister Walton and I agreed it may have been the happiest time of our lives! :) Their family plays like every instrument ever and so we took a picture to be our own little missionary band. This is the life I always want to live :)

Wild TURKEYS! I've never seen anything like this. We were freaking out. So much so that my eyes were closed. eep. But they are all over the place. How crazy!

Elder Cybulski, Elder Whiting and us from last night.  Elder Whiting goes home this week. It's so strange to me. Mission life is so fast. 

Also in other news I sang the harmony part to Come, Come ye Saints in Spanish at a baptism this week and I actually did a good job! I'm trying to learn the alto part for all the Christmas hymns so we will sound like angels as we carol! Who am I?? I never sing the alto part. It's always been a secret desire of my heart. Yay!

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