Monday, September 16, 2013

I would that ye should do that which is good


Welcome back to Spanish land. Hooraaaaah! Oh, I love it. Officially, [and technically] I've been covering the Spanish work in Cheney for the last four months but now I have a Spanish speaking companion and I AM LOVING it. Hermana Walton from Mesa, Arizona. She is super funny. She does THE BEST impression of Miranda Sings and I tell her to do it all the time. I am loving all the funny companions the Lord sends me because more than anything I love to laugh. She also went to the Mexico MTC and I go through her pictures like every night because I just want to go the Mexico MTC. I want to work there SO bad.

I will admit though that if this is the last time the Lord wants me to train, I'd be A-OK with that. My first three companions were 24, 25, 24 and then it's been 19, 19, 19, 19. Craaazy stuff. 

I am excited to see more happen with the Spanish work here. Go look in the July 2013 ensign for the story about the miracle in England with the Slovak saints. That will be Cheney soon, with our own little Spanish branch! We had a strategy meeting with President McCombie and High Counselors from the Stake over missionary work. We talked about what we need to do to get the ball rolling here. It was awesome. I know I've said it like 8219721 times but I love President McCombie. He is so missionary minded and so supportive. I feel like it's one of the greatest blessings of my mission that I've served around him and so closely for so much of my mission. The main thing we got from the meeting though was to trust the Lord. We were a little stressed thinking about how we could make it work and how we could find the Hispanics but then we just said, "Now wait, The Lord knows what He is doing. No need to fear." And seriously. It's not one bit of a coincidence that the mission split, that I've been here in Cheney and our English class is bien llena, and there are two Spanish sisters here now. That's just not a coincidence. The Lord knows what He wants done and President McCombie has felt, since the beginning of his calling as Stake President, that there needed to be a push for a Spanish branch in Cheney. We're just doing exactly what the Lord has already envisioned. 

We had a family here from Honduras that I feel really excited about. They moved here from Tegucigalpa (shout out to Hermana Brown! Brother Floyd is the person I can think of who might go to Honduras and visit your ward and also a LOONG while back you asked about Elder Orellano. I never met him until a couple weeks ago and now he is my Zone Leader. Small world!) like 3 months ago and that is also not a coincidence. We are just trying to follow the spirit and do what the Lord directs us to do.

At our English class this week, Guadalupe had a birthday and so Brother and Sister Holloway wanted to surprise her with a Tres Leches cake. They had put a fancy table cloth on the table and then switched rooms for the class so they could walk in later and surprise Guadalupe. When we started singing to her she exclaimed, "voy a llorar!" and she hid her face so we wouldn't see her tear up. It touched me so deeply. Afterwards I asked her what her plans were for her birthday and she said she didn't have any. Bless her heart. Her sweet husband, Arnoldo was working all night and so she probably wasn't going todo anything to celebrate. Brother Holloway is a little gruff on the outside but a total softie on the inside and he got pretty choked up. It was a really tender moment for all of us. I love the hispanics. My heart just goes out to them and I have every desire to help them in every aspect of their lives. I want to serve among the hispanics for the rest of forever. 

Anthony came to church yesterday and stayed for all of it. He loved it. We met with him like 5 times this last week and he just loves everything we teach. He is still planning on September 29th for baptism and we are ready to get him there.

Welp,that's all I can think of. Here are some pictures. 

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