Monday, September 9, 2013

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: but rejoice!

Hey Friends,

What a strange week. Well. Just a lot of weird ups and downs.

I'll start with this. On Wednesday we went to the car warsh to warsh our car (if you are from Washington you really say Warshington) and I left my wallet on the ledge. I didn't realize I had left it until the next day and so when we went back it was gone. It was pretty devastating to say the VERY least. I like couldn't sleep or do anything because I just felt so dumb about the whole thing. Sister Gardiner was really nice and kept telling me that everyone loses their wallet and it was a mistake and the Atonement covers even that but I still just felt so stupid. And I was worried about my license and my debit card and my temple recommend and I loved my little Mexican wallet so I just could. not. get. over. it. So I fasted on Friday that maybe it would turn up or something and we had Zone Training and it was about trusting God and giving thanks and it helped me to feel a lot of peace. President McCombie spoke to us about a time in his mission where he was praying to God and saying, "I would give ANYTHING to see so and so be baptized." and then the peace and assurance came that he would be baptized and all would be well. It really stuck with me through the meeting and then I went on exchanges and I just decided to stop worrying about it. And as I prayed to break my fast my first thought was Anthony and Joel. And not about my wallet. And I was thinking more about how I want them to progress and be baptized. And I really want to see them make it back home to Heavenly Father. And I said, "I would give anything to see them be baptized." And the thought came to me, "but what about your wallet? would you give that up too?" And I knew instantly that I would. I had been praying that a miracle would happen and the car wash people would call me to say that they did find it after all, or that maybe some kind person sent it home to my family's address but then when I was praying I realized that wasn't really the miracle I most desired. The miracle I really wanted (and should've been fasting for) was that Anthony would continue in his desires to know truth, or that Joel would feel the Spirit prompt him in the right direction. And so I don't think my wallet will turn up. I think that is what happened between the Lord and I. I know he keeps his promises. I know Anthony will be baptized instead.

And that is perfectly ok with me.

I'm also staying in Cheney. And training. Again. 4th times a charm, eh? But I am excited because she is almost certain to be a Spanish speaking Sister and I've been waiting a loooong time to have a Spanish sister again. Oh, I can't wait. But I'm said to see Sister Gardiner go. It was a way fun transfer. Like fun all the time. She taught me a lot about being joyful (and silly). We were a good balance and I'm just so happy we had such a good time and we saw so many miracles. She is going to Lewiston YSA and she is going to light that place up. I have loved all my companions so much. What a tender mercy.

In other news, Satan doesn't let up on golden investigators. Not for one second. Anthony came home Thursday to a flooded apartment. Like reeking, awful and wet. Unlivable. So while I was on exchanges, Sister Gardiner helped him move his stuff and he seemed homeless and the whole situation was strange but he really appreciated our help and the scriptures. He came to Stake Conference on Saturday and so did Joel. But neither showed for Sunday's sessions. It was kind of tough. I think Joel sent us his farewell text because it seems like he has a lot of pressure from his family. He told us that although he loves being with us, we just don't understand because we are not in his place. It was pretty sad because I just love Joel so much. I know he'll get there. Maybe not now but I know we've rocked his understanding of Christianity and I think it will tug on him for a long while before he finally recognizes that IT IS TRUE. Anthony loves the gospel a lot but he has some strange ideas about a few things. He loves the Godhead and the plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon and he can't wait to be baptized but something about the whole thing feels a little odd. We're not sure what it is and it's not that we don't feel good about him because we do and we always are excited to teach him. But it is just different. I don't know how to say it better than that.

We are reeeeeaaaaally looking forward to school starting soon and more people here in Cheney. Lots of potential. We'll be teaching tons!

I don't know what else to say.
Except I love ya. I love the gospel. I LOVE my Savior and I am grateful that His Atonement covers every mistake, even lost wallets. I know He lives and that God loves all His children. ALL of them.

Hermana Em

*Editor's note: Some kind soul found Emily's wallet and turned it into the local police station. They then contacted my dad to let him know, and all is right in the world again!! Thanks for any prayers that went her way this week :)

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