Monday, June 3, 2013

And it was a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul.

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Dearest Dears,

I love Cheney. I love this area. We are seeing SO many great things happen here. I'll start at the top 'cause this week was chock full of GOOD things! This email is a little long-winded. Sorry!

On Tuesday We had a dinner appointment at 6:30 and so after p-day ended at 6, we had 30 minutes to see a miracle. Our original plan was to go to an apartment complex and try some potentials but we didn't think that would use our time wisely. For whatever reason we decided to try a less-active member who lived close by. She wasn't home but as we were walking to the car to head to dinner we saw this guy playing with his dog outside. We went over and started talking to him. The only member he really knew also happened to be the guy we were having dinner with in a matter of minutes! Not a coincidence. Totally the Lord's tender mercy. We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to come to Friday Forum at the institute (they teach a lesson and then FREE lunch! hello?? perfect for investigators!) Then at dinner we asked Brother C. about his friend Cameron and he told us he would invite him for dinner for Friday too, so we could teach him a lesson. SO perfect because I can testify that unless an investigator is connected to someone (a member), they won't progress. WE need the members, so this was golden!

And also side note on Tuesday, we ended up going to those apartments we originally wanted to try and we met Bryce smoking in the stairwell. He was a guy we had actually met earlier that weekend. We bore sincere testimony but he just didn't feel like it was right for him at the time and he thanked us and went inside. So we went down the stairs and into the parking lot and next thing we knew we was calling out to me: "Sister Judd!" So we turn around and he asks to speak to me alone. My heart was pounding because I thought, "ohmygosh. i'm about to get asked out on my mission?!!!" But we told him that as missionaries we always stay within sight and sound so he could just talk to both of us. He just wanted to let me know that I was doing a great job. That he really felt something when I spoke. He said, "whatever you decide to do after your mission, you'll have absolutely no problem getting there." He just wanted to compliment me to tell me that I was eloquent and powerful. How neat, huh? Totally boosted my confidence that I am the Lord's servant and I do have power when I speak!

On Friday we had exchanges. Since I'm a Sister Training Leader (who knows why this title is forever long,and sometimes the Elders like to joke by saying "Sister Training Leader Judd! Sister Training Leader Judd!" It's funny. you have to be there.), I conduct the exchanges. Before the craziness we had already planned to exchange with Sister Senger even before her companion left, so it was really great that she got a companion on Wednesday to have someone to trade with us. Sister Carruth is a mini-missionary from Ritzville, WA and she is waiting to get her call any day now! She came here with me, and Sister Johnson went with Sister Senger to Geiger Heights. She was a little sad to leave the area because Friday was a full and awesome day. We had dinner with Cameron and it was awesome! He is so prepared. He grew up in the Catholic church but he doesn't agree with it anymore so he's been trying to explore other faiths. The first thing he said was, "thanks so much for the Book of Mormon. No one has ever given one to me before and I've always been curious!" Like how cool is that? The lesson was so great and he was so attentive and thoughtful. He asked great questions about how we could know for himself and Brother C. really helped him to understand how the spirit works. I'm super grateful that the C. family are already great friends with him (even if they are in the family ward), because they are a great connection for Cameron. It immediately links him to the church and makes him feel more comfortable. We're going on a church tour tomorrow and I'm so excited. Cameron is really golden.

The Elders in West Terrace ward found this guy named Corey a couple months ago and finally decided it was best that YSA teach him because he's 19 and he wasn't progressing in the family ward. So we went to see him on Saturday night. He lives in Airway Heights which is like 20 minutes from Cheney so we went with an RM sister in our ward. It was a wild adventure getting there and we were lost and a little late and we really didn't know what to expect because the Elders in West Terrace aren't my favorite and I just thought it was going to be a bust but we went in determined to feel the spirit and help him feel it too and it was incredible! Corey's friend, Chris joined in on the lesson and we just started asking questions to understand why he wouldn't come to church. We found out he has not been praying but that he does want to know. So we taught the importance of prayer and how to recognize answers. They asked us how we knew it was true and we all bore our testimonies. The spirit was so strong and then we invited them to be baptized on June 29th and they both said yes! Corey came to church yesterday for the first time! The Elders taught him for 2 months and he never went and then he went yesterday. Milagro!

And Porche came to church and she is really progressing. She isn't sure if she wants to be baptized yet but she loves institute and President McCombie and if it's not now (probably not because she goes home in 2 weeks) I know it will be later. The Lord is preparing her!

Then last night at 8:15 we weren't sure what to do with our evening. We didn't have the car and so we were walking and not super close to anyone we thought we should try. But we finally decided to walk to see Bianca, a potential investigator who is a little interested but she always is a no-show at appointments. We figured we'd meet people on the street as we walked and so it'd be worth it. Then we passed this house and I just felt impressed to knock it. We hadn't knocked any other house on the street but this one felt right. Emily answered. Typical laid-back college girl without any belief in God. She wasn't raised going to church but she had respect for those who did have Faith. We asked her a few questions and she decided to come out and talk with us on the porch. We followed the spirit and the lesson was so powerful. We showed her the mormon message, "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father." and she really loved it. She loved how simple it made God seem. We testified that Christ's gospel is simple and it has been restored in it's fullness and beautiful simplicity. She said, "I'm going home to Seattle in a week, is there anyway to learn about this there??" So we got her info and we'll send the missionaries her way in a couple weeks. It was one of the most amazing moments of my mission because she wasn't interested at the start but the spirit touched her and a light went off. SO cool! We are instruments for the Lord.

We walked home and Sister Johnson and I were floating on a cloud. There is nothing greater than being under the influence of the spirit.

Love y'all lots!

Hermana Judd

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