Tuesday, May 28, 2013

that they might be an instrument in the hands of God to bring, if it were possible, their brethren to the knowledge of the truth

Hey cutie cutes!
We've had a crazy week. Super full. SUPER full. On Monday night as we were teaching a lesson outside the institute building, Sister Senger (who is serving in Geiger Heights) pulled up with all her bags and just joined in on the lesson with us. We've yet to pry the details from Sister Senger because it's confidential stuff, I guess, but all we know is that her companion wanted to go home (it's her 3rd week and she was haaaating it) and so President Mullen paired her with some Senior Missionaries for a couple days and so Sister Senger was companion-less. So she joined us.
If there is one thing I've learned on my mission it is to not get too comfortable. Don't start loving everything too soon because the moment you do, the Lord will pull a fast one on ya. Sister Johnson and I were hitting our prime and getting in the groove and then the Lord decided to send us Sister Senger. Who is great. She is a hoot. She's 27 and she is also studying Art Education. But it's always different to adjust to a third person after you've gotten into routine and are finding your jive. My whole mission has been pretty fast paced. All of my companions like to go, go, go and work, work, work. And this week was preeeetttty slow. The work went well. We saw tons of miracles and have 4 new investigators! But I just felt like we were moving at a glacier pace and it was a strange adjustment for me and still is because I just want to move! I want to go and find and teach!
But it's been a good week of learning. Sister Senger got a new companion in the form of a mini missionary and she leaves tomorrow. So it was just one week of different but the Lord knew we probably needed it.
We did a lot of campus contacting this week because there was a "Mormons Next-Door" presentation on campus on Thursday and so we helped advertise for it. Not a lot of people came to the actual presentation, but we did meet a lot of great people and had a lot of good contacts. I'm super grateful for this experience on a college campus because I really feel like it will change my whole life especially my BYU life.
We are really earning the trust of our members here and we've received a lot of referrals. The other day bishop wanted us to call this guy named Cody who's whole family is LDS and his brother served a mission but for whatever reason he was never baptized. So we called him but he's busy right now so he wanted to wait to meet. BUT miraculously he gave us the number of his friend, Jenelle, who he says is going through a super tough time. So we call her and meet with her and she is golden! Her best friend from high school is LDS and has given her a CTR ring and she just has only good things to say about the church and she REALLY needs it. So pray for her because the adversary is going to work super hard against her (already is!)
We got dropped by two investigators yesterday. Jake is this really, reaaaaally awesome guy but he is stubborn. He is being fed a lot of anti things and so he just wants to stay at his church right now. He's really respectful and he was kind of sad to drop us too. He said "i really do care about you guys and i hope we can still be in touch." It was very much like a sad break-up. He's going home to Yakima in two weeks and his best friend there is LDS. Maybe if I get called to Kennewick I'll meet up with him this summer and his heart will be softened! Hope so!
About 172983712 other crazy things happened this week and a lot of miracles and it was good for Sister Johnson to see that those times when there is a dry, rough patch, it's always closely followed by wonderful, miraculous things.
I love my Savior. I really love the work He asks us to do. I'm growing a little bit each day and I feel so incredibly grateful that the Lord cares enough about me that He's giving me these experiences. He can see my potential and He knows I need this to get there. And I really do appreciate that.

Welp, love y'all!
Hermana Em

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