Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yea, if the Lord saith unto us go, we will go

Oh happy day!

It feels like this last week was maybe 6 weeks in one. I'm hoping this next week will fly though because Sunday is the "do or die" phone call. I'm dying. Trying not to die or think about it too much, but I'm just squirming to find out.
On Tuesday I went to Missionary Leadership Council which used to be just for Zone leaders and the APs but now Sister Training Leaders go. What a treat. It was so fun. SOOO inspiring. I learned so much and the spirit was so strong. Just being in a room with all these hard-working, dedicated missionaries was awesome. We talked about pride and overcoming stress. Sister Mullen could be a general authority. Her words always pierce my heart. After the meeting President Mullen pulled me aside and asked me to be brutally honest with him about where I wanted to be when the mission split. I told him that I would go wherever, I would be happy to serve wherever but that in my heart of hearts, my deep desire was to be on the other side. He assured me that he wouldn't put me anywhere until he knew with certainty that that is where the Lord wants me. It has helped me feel a lot better because I know that the Lord knows best.
After MLC we did exchanges with the South Hill sisters. Sister Corbridge came with me to Cheney. She is darling. She came out 3 transfers ago and now she is training. She felt a little overwhelmed and we talked through a lot of her concerns about planning and stuff. I'm really grateful that I've had companions that planned well. Trained me well and now I am able to really help the sisters here because that seems to be the biggest struggle for these new sisters. I showed her how to use the area book and to really try to plan meaningful activities. Of course, I'm not really an expert. But I gave her my best. We found two new investigators while she was here, which was awesome!
We had a lesson with Corey on Thursday about the Word of Wisdom. He's such a solid kid. He's only 18 but he's been through a lot of tough stuff. Word of Wisdom is definitely his struggle. He is sincere and wants to know. I always feel a lot of love for him when we teach and I really think he feels the spirit and recognizes us as servants from the Lord.
Friday I went to Lincoln Heights with Sister Guyer. She's a visa waiter to Brazil and then Sister Yedigaryin from Armenia (and temple square) came with Sister Johnson. It was a crazy exchange. Just wild. But it was great to help Sister Guyer because she's been going through a hard time (all new missionaries do) and so I think she was able to calm down and feel peace in her heart. She's going to be an incredible missionary.
Then I came back and we had dinner with Porche. We thought she was going to go home for the summer but she decided to stay last minute! Miracle! We were sooo happy! She wants to be baptized in her church in California by her Pastor there but he told her the best thing to do to prepare would be to continue to meet with us and attend institute so we'll see where she ends up by the end of the summer :)

Saturday we had a lesson with Corey and Chris and it was amazing. We watched the "Your potential, Your privelege" video from President Uchtdorf. The spirit was tangible and we read Alma 48 about Moroni and how they could be that man in their family. That God sees so much potential in them to become examples and leaders. It was really powerful. They totally see how this could bless their lives.

We had two similar miracles this week. We made cookies for a less-active this week and the first time we stopped by she wasn't home, so we decided to stop by a second day. We stopped first at home to grab the cookies and when we walked out we ran into this girl who looked like she knew us.
"Are you the new sisters?" 
"Yeah! What's your name?"
It was this girl April who the other sisters taught for a while and then she fell off the face of the earth. And then we walked into her and got her address! Totally amazing.
AND THEN on Sunday...well ok. Back story first:
My first week in Cheney was tough. We had a really hard time. We called everyone in the Area Book. One night I literally went through every name of formers. Lots of voicemails and lots of people who moved or weren't interested. Of all the numbers I tried there was only one name that stuck out to me: Alex. I felt impressed to write his name down to try again. So we did. We called and called and called. Then he answered. He had moved back to Cheney! And he gave us his address to try him. So we went and tried and tried and tried. Never home. His roommates hit on us. AND THEN on Sunday we were walking home and this guy on a skateboard gives us a funny look. He says, " are you the Mormon missionaries?" "Yeah, what's your name?"ALEX! THE Alex we've been looking for. I've had a really good feeling about him all along. We set up an appointment for tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 

Welp, I know the Lord loves His missionaries. I especially know He really loves me. I'm grateful for that love. I'm grateful I know I'm a daughter of God. I know this work is true. I know we have a prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It's changing me a lot.
God speed,
Hermana Em

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