Monday, January 7, 2013

102 days: be still and know that I am God

Hola Chamacos!
I am staying in Moses Lake! And I'm training! and Sister Tippetts is staying and training too! We are training the new sister together so we'll be in a trio. I am so, so, SO happy to stay in Moses Lake and stay with Sister Tippetts. I just didn't want the goodness to end so quickly. And I'm glad that I get to train with Sister Tippetts. I was super stressed that I would be called to train already and I just wasn't feeling prepared enough. There is still so much to learn everyday! But I am glad that it can be a team effort with my dear friend, Sister Tippetts.
I was so touched this week by her kindness. She's really taught me a lot about charity. So remember Chico's pizza, Dad? Long ago you told me that Brother Bouck said that it was the best pizza around and you wanted me to try it out. There never seemed to be time with Sister Hicks and so when Sister Tippetts came I asked her if we'd ever be able to go. She's the best so of course we made plans to go on one of our P-Days. BUT--Chico's opens at 4 pm and our P-Day ends at 6 pm and so we realized it just would be a big hassle to go. I wasn't overly concerned. I figured that someday I'd come back to visit my mission and I could try Chico's then. Then on Friday night, as we were making our plans for Saturday, and trying to fill our time for the 4 o' clock slot, Sister Tippetts suggested Chico's cause we didn't know if I'd get transferred or not and she didn't think I could truly leave Moses without trying this pizza! It wasn't a huge deal or anything momentous. But it was kind of her to think of me. And to remember this little suggestion my dad made to me (because she can appreciate how great dad's are) and I was just touched by her thoughtfulness. It's made me really reflect on the idea of "thinking of others first". That's what I want to do all my mission and all my life. There is joy in bringing others happiness and thinking of them. I'm really grateful for this responsibility to be a trainer to a new sister. I know that the impression she gets from me and Sister Tippetts will really impact the rest of her mission. And so I want her to feel loved and appreciated. I want to think of her and help her transition into the new missionary life. I was just there. I know how un-easy it is and I want to help her so it's not so hard.
I'm so grateful to be in Moses Lake to watch Lorena and Daniel be baptized. They are wonderful, amazing! I love them so much. Their desire to follow Christ and choose the right always humbles and surprises me. I feel so blessed to be the missionary to bring them the sweetness of the gospel. Lorena is a fast reader. She reads everyday and she is almost done with 1 Nephi. This is huge. It is SO hard for people to start and continue reading the Book of Mormon. It's hard for anyone-members or nonmembers- to truly get into it and read and ponder it. But she does! She understands and really enjoys it. She was so prepared to recieve the gospel. I am so excited that I can be here for their baptism and I pray everyday that they will make their date of February 2nd. They are excited so we've just got to keep that fire ignited in them.
I love working with the Laurels and YSA girls preparing for missions. It makes me think of Jacob and Elder Davis and how he loved going out and helping the missionaries. We love these girls here and see so much good and potential in them. It's helped me to see that the Lord has prepared these younger girls to serve missions now. It's funny because I'm probably the youngest sister in the mission field right now, so many of the sisters of older like 23 or 24 and I love having them around as my big sisters and examples. I hope that there are still older sisters who keep coming out and Sister Tippetts and I figure that it will probably be a while before there will be solid 19 year-old girls, but I know that the Lord trusts all His missionaries. I am learning everyday how much He trusts me and I so badly want to do all that He asks.
As I set my goals for this year I realized there is so much I want to do and become as a missionary but I know it's all possible. I can be the missionary I want to be and the Lord sees me to be. There is no time like this in my whole life where I can prepare myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I love it, love it, love it!
Welp, here's some pictures from the last little while.
I don't know the order but here's what's going on:
1. This was the first time we tried Chicos and discovered it was closed. My eyes are closed and we probably won't ever go back to take another picture so you gotta take what you can get.

2. This was our missionary white elephant party with the Moses Lake missionaries. It was really fun/funny. I was glad that the Elders came through and got good gifts.

3. This is us christmas morning at 6 am, ready to open are presents by the Christmas tree. Nevermind our glasses and PJs.
(She's wearing the Caine's Arcade shirt we made for her!)
4. This is the magic of the Christmas tree and Sister Tippetts opening our presents by the Christmas light. Pure bliss!

I don't know how many pictures it will let me send at once so I'll send another email with more.
Kay love ju bye!
Hermana Em

More pictures:
1. This is the aftermath of Chico's pizza. There slogan is "If you can count the toppings, it's not Chico's". Which is true and gross. I let Sister Tippetts pick and she likes meat on her pizza. needless to say, I picked it all off, but this was what was left in the box, even after the whole thing was gone. Pepporoni, bacon and canadian bacon. 
2. Here's a district and a funny district picture. Love these peeps. Sad that changes are coming, but I know I will always love working and serving with whoever is around me.

3. Brother and Sister Anderson with their Christmas brunch table. So cute. Miss them already. But I love Sister Bruce, our new lady we live with. She's 86 and she's a widow and she's precious. Who knew that I would get this extra bonus on my mission of living with and loving these cuties here!

Kay, that's all!
There's always more but I never have enough time.
I know this gospel is true. I love testifying of the Book of Mormon and my Savior, Jesus Christ.
Love you all. Happy Monday!
Hermanita Em


  1. Emily's whole post just made me cry. What choice, good and happy times she is having in serving the Lord. The Lord just gives us so much in return for our efforts of serving. Emily looks and sounds so happy and I feel the Spirit come right through these pages as I read them. How blessed I feel as a grandmother to have such a wonderful missionary grand daughter! You are beloved my precious grand child! Nann

  2. PS I love each and every photo!!! Delightful!!