Tuesday, October 15, 2013

never look back. look ahead at what we still have to do.

Dearest loves,
Fall was made for Cheney. Or Cheney was made for fall. Either way, it is the most glorious place to be on the face of the Earth. Our walk to campus everyday is lined with burning golden, and orange and red trees. And there is this BRIGHT red crimson bush all over campus that is just delicious. Heaven!

Well, Chris is the best person ever. He knows the church is true and he wants to be baptized! He was a little nervous to set a date just because this has all happened so fast for him but we are meeting tonight and I'm pretty sure he'll be baptized on the 26th. I can't stop smiling because I just love it so much. He loved conference, loved the idea of a prophet and eternal families. We had dinner at Bishop Tait's home with Virginia and Chris and the spirit was so strong. He really recognizes it's a good thing. We asked him if the spirit had prompted him to do anything during the lesson and he said, "yeah. i need to talk to my friend Nick." Because when Chris was 16, he wasn't attending any church, but his friend Nick brought him into a Christian church. Chris has been nervous to talk to Nick because they recently had another friend start dating a Mormon girl and then get baptized, and Nick wasn't too happy. Chris knows he needs to let Nick know how he feels and that it's true. Nick will probably send their youth pastor with some anti but I feel confident that Chris will hold true. He is a true miracle. And he is going to get married in the temple and raise a family in the gospel and I could not be more thrilled. He came to church on Sunday and everything said just hit right on his circumstances. He told us it was really insightful.

Keisa told us last night that the first time we walked up to her she just felt something. Usually, she would try and hurry to get in her car if she saw missionaries approaching, but she felt good about us. And she always feels that way when we are with her. She knows it is a good thing, but she still doesn't understand a lot. But I know that she is prepared. She has good fellowship. Rickia has been calling her and texting her and Whitney invited her over for dinner. It will be a little slower with her but she is moving.

We didn't find any new investigators this week and it's been a struggle for me. This whole transfer has just been hard on me. I have felt inadequate and unprepared. I know that is Satan, working against me, but I have been battling to stay positive and continue to work hard, even though my outward results don't always reflect my effort. We are having a ward fast tomorrow that we may find more people to teach. Because the ward is so great and we are trying our best. We really need some divine intervention.

We had the Latin American festival on Saturday and it was so, so, so fun. I just wanted to stay there forever. I love the Hispanics. I love the Spanish branch and their hard work. They had a show and then dinner and it was all so great. Lots of mariachi and dancing. I was loving it.And SO MANY non-members came. There were more than 200 people there and more than half were non-members. This was the first year putting it on and so I know in a few years, it will be giant. Our Hondurian family, Ernesto and Vilma came. It was like the Luau from the District dvds. SO cool. And then on Sunday we had a graduation for all our English class students because they finished the first level. They were all dressed so nice and all the husbands got up and spoke a few words to say thanks. It was beyond precious. They were all so happy and proud that they were learning and growing. Ernesto even said, "I know that the Holy Spirit is helping me to learn and speak English." Ahh! So great.

We went over to Ernesto and Vilma's house a few times this week to do our language study. They are the best. There hearts are being softened to accept the gospel. And they love us! "Mi casa es su casa!" nos dijo Ernesto. 

We had an assignment from President Mullen to set up a jam-packed evening with members for Friday. The schedule 
went as follows:

5:00 – 6:15 – Dinner with a member and a non-member in the member’s home with a lesson afterward
6:30 – 7:00 – a lesson with an investigator with a member present (preferably in the member’s home)
7:00 – 7:30 – another lesson with an investigator with a member present (preferably in the member’s home)
7:30 – 8:30 – 2-4 visits to the homes of less actives or prospective elders to share a spiritual message and extend an invitation, accompanied by a member of the Bishopric, Elders Quorum Presidency, High Priest Group Leadership or Relief Society Presidency.
8:30 – 8:45 – 1 member visit to share a spiritual message and help with missionary efforts

We don't have very many investigators so we set up 4 less-active visits instead and then dinner with Chris and the whole evening was perfect! We had received training from the assistants on how to work with members and I feel like it will revolutionize my whole mission. We saw a lot of miracles working with our members and ward council. If I was supposed to learn one thing as a missionary it would be to a great member-misisonary when I come home. My whole perspective has completely changed on how I want to be when I come back. I will always be working to invite people to come closer to Christ!

We find out transfers on Sunday. Our feeling is that we are staying in Cheney but instead of doing the YSA we will just focus on Spanish. We don't know for sure but that has been the vibe we've been getting from President Mullen and McCombie. I'm not sure how I feel. I LOVE the YSA. I am serious when I say I could finish my mission here. I really love it. But I know that the Spanish work needs more push and I would be happy to focus just on that. It would also make me really sad because I've worked my tail off in the YSA and I just hope that whoever would sweep in would be a hard worker. Quien sabe! 

Not a lot of pictures. just some to give you an idea of the festival!

Kay love y'all! byeee

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