Monday, October 7, 2013

And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Dearest loves,

My third and (maybe last) conference on my mission! Can you believe it? So, so good. It's so much like Christmas around the mission that we listen to all our favorite Christmas hymns the whole week before just to get us EVEN more excited. And the prophet and apostles never fail us. It is always perfect.
So we have a new investigator! It's a miracle. It really is. It always is. Like the first week Sister Gardiner was here the Elders gave us this referral for this girl named Keisa from Venezuela. They only had her phone number to give us so we tried and tried AND TRIED and TRIED. To no avail. Never answered. THEN like two weeks ago we were stopping by to see a potential investigator and we walk down the steps and this girl comes out of her car. Lo and behold! Keisa! from Venezuela! It was no coincidence. It was perfect because we were handing our fliers to a Latin American festival we are having this weekend and so we had an instant connection. We set up a church tour. Couldn't make it. Then we set up another. Had to cancel. So THEN last Saturday after the Relief Society broadcast, we were sitting in our car just trying to figure out where to go and so we decided to pray. And then after the prayer, we both had the same thought: KEISA! So we stop by and she lets us right in. She opens up to us and tells us about her brother passing away this last year and how she has a lot of faith that God is there. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. So we FINALLY took her on a church tour on Monday and she loved it. She loved how simple it all was and how she felt the spirit. We saw her a few other times and she came to conference yesterday! We didn't get to talk to her too much but she seemed to like it. She's on the track team with our Relief Society President and that helps a lot. I have the strongest testimony in member fellowship. If you don't have members to help you and be their friends, you can forget about it.

Also, Chris came to conference. He had TONS of questions written down and he took lots of notes. He really liked it. And in a lesson this week we asked him if he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said, "yeah, I'm really starting to believe it." YAY! Could conference not have been more perfect?? There were so many testimonies about Joseph Smith and modern day revelation. Chris just really liked all of it. And he looked so sharp. Virginia (his member girlfriend) must have taken him shopping for some more church clothes. I mean last week he came in black pants and a striped button up and he looked totally fine but yesterday he was wearing a white shirt with a tie. I could just picture him as a little Priesthood holding husband someday! Oh, the church is true!
We also had Sisters Conference. It was the best ever. Like always. We have like 90+ sisters in the mission. I couldn't even believe it. It was SO fun to see all my little trainees. It was a little strange to see all the sisters I worked with and loved come together like two worlds colliding (All my other companions have now gone home. YIKES!) Seeing Sister Gardiner was the best. I really love that girl and miss her a lot. The theme was "Happiness is the design of our existence." So true! It was really powerful and motivating. Sister Mullen told us at the start that her desire was that we would walk out different woman, changed forever. I really do have a deeper motivation now to be even more happy and serve my Father.
So much happened this week and this is just touching on it. Anthony also watched conference, and he is temporarily living with some boys from our ward, so that is good.
Pray for the work in Cheney to keep moving forward. I want to find more people to teach. More Hispanics and prepared souls! I hope you all take Elder Ballard's challenge to invite one friend to hear the gospel before Christmas.

LOVE you!
Hermana Judd

sisters and elders at MLC. some of my fave friends are going home at the end of this transfer. I can't even believe it. mission life is SO fast.
all my baby girls! sister walton, sister gardiner, sister haynes, and sister johnson.
sister walton and i outside of the temple. fall is glorious in washington. i looooove it.

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