Monday, July 29, 2013

That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

hello sunshines!

It's a great day to be a missionary in the Washington Spokane Mission! But really. I am staying in Cheney and training again. It is SO great because I love it here. I think I've got a few more transfers to go here. The Lord loves Sister Judd in Cheney. And Sister Judd loves the Lord.

We've had a great week. Week 6 is always miracle week. I'm so grateful for the members here. Since the broadcast we've been really working through our members and they are getting it! They are inviting! On Monday we had a lesson with a guy named Joel. He is friends with one of the RMs in our ward, Ethan, and he came to church just one time last transfer. We've been on Ethan's case about inviting him but Ethan has been super busy so finally we just said, "can we give him a call?" and then baddabing baddaboom! We had a lesson with Joel.

He is so sincere. Time and time again, I keep meeting the most prepared, faith-filled wonderful people ever. He has a strong belief in Christ and the Atonement. He has seen it lift him through his trials. And he knows the Bible reeeeaaally well. Which has led me to study the New Testament so intently lately. I've been surprising myself about how much I actually do know (and remember! from seminary!) and I am just craving more and more. Elder Hargiss (my last ZL) LOVES the Bible and he always uses it to train us and I love it too. Because I know the Book of Mormon. I am confident in my Book of Mormon knowledge and references and I know and often apply the Book of Mormon to my life. But it's like i'm discovering the Bible for the first time ever and really applying it to me. The life of Christ is incredible. Good stuff. Anyway, Joel asks good questions and always keeps his commitments. He is reading and praying but he's a pretty logical guy and right now he wants reason more than feeling. I've been praying every night that the Spirit will hit him strongly. He has a real intent and sincere intentions. He says, "I'll believe it if the Lord tells me to believe it." We watched a great video of Christ with him and I think he'll get it. We met him on Monday and have met with him 3 times this last week. It'll be a miracle but I know he can get there!

We don't teach the English classes. Brother Holloway does. But we go as often as we can. He loves us and we love him. He is a convert and he is a rough character. Harrison Ford in every way. Total white guy that grew up on farms speaking Spanish. And he loves the Hispanic people. He really loves them. And so he has worked  hard to make our English class grow. We've both worked hard. And then this last week, we sat around the table teaching the lesson, and I felt so peaceful. The Spirit just spoke to my heart and told me that the sweet people in this room would build the foundation for our Spanish branch. It felt like a trip to McAllen eating a meal with all of my family. Only this time when everyone was joking and laughing, I UNDERSTOOD! I know this is a big part of why I am here and whether I see the seeds grow, I know I will have done my part to nourish them. Brother Holloway and I talked after the class and he teared up thinking about our sweet students. It touches my heart too because I always feel like I'm teaching my grandparents. We have one couple, Arnoldo and Guadalupe. And they are my grandparents. Arnoldo knows more and is very vocal. He wants so badly to learn English. And Guadalupe is shy and quiet but her husband is sweet and gentle and helps her along to pronounce the words. Can I say it enough? I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. President Mullen called me this week and told me that there are Spanish sisters coming next transfer so I'm praying I can train one! I mean, hello? I've just got to!
Last night we stopped by to visit Emily. She is a referral from our member, Rachel (who's brother, Rustin, met Jake at the MTC). She is awesome. Rachel thought it was a long shot that she would really want to meet with us. But she let us in and loves it. This was a our second visit with her and we put her on date for baptism for. 

She clearly felt the spirit and felt peace. We watched the mormon message, "True Beauty" and it was what she needed. She needs to know how divine she is as a daughter of God and that He loves her. We read Alma 32:28 and asked her what ways she can grow her faith. She really loved the verse and she felt so motivated to read mroe. In her prayer at the end she said, "thank you so much for all that the missionaries have taught me in such a short period of time." Ahh! it was awesome.

Porche came to Institute this morning and President McCombie catered the lesson to her. She is so close she just doesn't know it. I pray that she will pray sincerely. We are going to try and have a lesson with the McCombie's this week. (BUT like how many missionaries are having lessons in the home of their stake president?? These people are the best!)
Our ZLs, Elder Cybulski and Elder Hargiss called a special training meeting for our zone. It was unusual because there was no training or anything they had received but they had been praying a lot for our zone and felt impressed to put this together. They got special permission from President and we were the only zone holding a meeting like this. It was amazing. I love my zone. They taught about Peter and Paul and all the hardships they faced. Elder Hargiss talked about how Paul was so close to helping King Agrippa receive the gospel and yet he didn't. They compared it to how sometimes we work so hard and then we still don't see the fruits of our labors. It was like: STORY OF MY LIFE! Then at the end they had us all pass around a sheet of paper with our name on it and then every one would write one uplifting thing for each person in the zone. It was so nice to read the sweet things people have noticed. I have been so blessed to always have incredible Elders leading in my areas. I love it!

I have a testimony of the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead and He testifies of truth. I feel his influence so often. It's the treasure of being a missionary.
I love y'all! I love my Savior. I love this gospel with my whole heart.

Hermana Em

some pictures:
cheney welcome sign
field is white already to harvest!
eastern campus!
our last district. it was 6 sisters and 2 elders. party!

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