Monday, April 8, 2013

And she said, I will go.

Dearest dears,
Was conference not the best ever!? Seriously, I had been counting down more anxiously than as if it were Christmas. Oh, it just filled my heart with love and joy. i loved every minute. Every song and prayer too! If I could narrow down my favorite talks I would choose Elder Holland, Elder Falabella, Elder Scott, President Uchtdorf, L. Whitney Clayton. and Sister Dalton! I could go on.
We watched it at the stake center and then also with a less-active member in the branch. It was so great. All week we invited EVERYONE we met to tune in and watch it. I really hope people did. What is better than hearing the Prophet of God speak? I felt so surged with power after each session. It renewed my strength and really helped to put things into perspective for me.
Tomorrow we are having a Sister's Conference with all the sisters in the mission and I am so excited! Sister Mullen asked Sister Sanchez and I to speak about how to stay happy, and finding joy in the mission. We feel really honored that she asked us and grateful too. We try really hard to find the joy and be happy! It's one of our greatest strengths as a companionship. It's nice to know that Sister Mullen has noticed.
So we are teaching Melissa Taylor in our English ward and she is precious. Her brother and sister-in-law (Luke and also Melissa C.) joined the church about a year ago. Luke and Melissa have had some rough things happen in their lives and because of it, they face a lot of mental difficulties. They are accountable, wonderful people, but they are not totally socially apt. They are smart and capable, but they are sweet and innocent like children and Sister Sanchez and I LOVE them dearly. The first time we met with them we were really unsure of how to handle the situation but then the next time we had a lesson, Heavenly Father opened our hearts completely. We both walked out of their house feeling and undescribable love and concern for them. Melissa T. is getting baptized on April 27th and she is so excited. Luke and Melissa C. are so excited too because they love the gospel. They may not understand everything but they know the power of the Spirit and they have felt the difference in their life.
This week they invited us over for dinner and it was so tender. They have lived in a special needs home in the past and now they live in their own apartment so it was the first time they had a kitchen and were able to feed the missionaries. They were so excited and they wanted to go all out. They made cornish game hens and mash potatoes and asparagus. I guess you'd have to know them but it was seriously so touching.
Last night we were asking them how they differentiate between the two Melissas and Luke said, "Easy. I call them Bravo VIP 81 and Bravo VIP 67." Haha, so funny. I love these people! I feel so grateful Heavenly Father put them in my life because they have changed and softened my heart. God really does love all His children.
We are teaching Veronica Salazar still and Mayra and Jose Rosas. Love them all dearly. We are also teaching Yesica Pavon who is from Honduras. Her spanish is the strangest I've heard in all my mission so I keep thinking about Hermana Brown and the spanish she is learning. Every mission is SO different. Love mine, that's for sure! We are working with lots of less-actives and finding new people everyday. The Lord is hastening His work, but the missionaries REALLY need the members. Invite everyone! Share what you hold dear. You never know who needs this TRUE message.
I'm trying to be like Rebekah this week (and for the rest of my life) and be virtuous and loyal. When I recieved my call a year ago, I said, "I will go." And now I'm here. It's so crazy somedays still to wake up and put my badge on. I'm a missionary. I really am the Lord's servant. What an honor and privilege. The Lord trusts me here and is giving me the most incredible experience to help shape me into the woman I am supposed to be. I am forever grateful.
I love you all!
Hermana Em

Hermana Em over for dinner with Luke, Melissa T., and Melissa C.

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