Monday, October 1, 2012

First letter from our girl!

Hey Friends!

Our dearest little Hermana Em sent us her first handwritten letter straight from the MTC! She gave us permission to type it up and post it on the blog for all to see.

Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

Mi querida familia, 

I'm here! I'm at the MTC! It's been crazy & wild & fun and sometimes I can't believe it's actually real. I love love LOVE my companion, Hermana Bartschi- she's from Idaho going to California- and we get along so well. She's tall & athletic so she's motivating me to be healthy! Our Spanish is similar- I probably know a little more grammar & vocab but we speak & understand each other a lot. We are going to see how class goes today & if we do well we might try & move up to advanced together. Pero vamos a ver.  So- guess what?!? My first (of MANY) tender mercies at the MTC is that Hermana (Erika) Brown is one of my roommates here! It's so great & crazy. We just keep hugging each other cause it's like an answer to our prayers. I'm really happy we'll always have these memories at the MTC together. She leaves Sunday though, but she's already been a big help to me. I've seen all the other McKinney peeps too so that's fun. I have lots of friends at the MTC! It's really great here. Truly- like BYU on steroids- we are ALWAYS going- boom, boom, boom. Sometimes we don't have a chance to catch our breath. But ti's the 2nd day and they say if I can make it to Sunday, then I'll be ok! Already, I've seen miracles from Heavenly Father & just felt enveloped in His spirit & love for me. It's great to be a missionary! So, I don't know if this letter will arrive before my email on P-day, but they encouraged us to write our family so you know I'm safe. This might be my only hand-written letter to y'all.  (If you want to type it up and post it- that's cool) I love this gospel! The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives & heals hearts- I'm so excited to love the people of Washington and invite them to come unto their loving Savior, Jesus Christ. I love you guys lots! I always pray for you. I'll write more in my email! 


Hermanita Judd

So that's that. Isn't she wonderful? We're so excited to get the next email! And we're so glad she has Hermana Brown as a familiar face to be the support she needs. 

And if you want to be on the email list, please don't hesitate to comment on here with your email address, or send me (Hannah) an email or contact me on Facebook!

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