Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 18! oh babylon oh babylon!

Here is her second letter from the MTC. She heads out to Spokane on Monday! (I know I'm a little bias, but I love this girl so much. She's already doing great things!)

Mi querida familia!

Hellooooo everybody! Thank you for all your letters. I feel so loved and supported! All my elders are jealous of all the mail and packages I get but I am just really grateful I have so many people who care about me! After the first few days, time at the MTC just flies! I can't believe I'm already leaving on Monday! I still feel like the new missionary who just got here on Wednesday sometimes but I am so excited to get to Spokane! President Mullen sent me a letter with all the details for Monday and it's going to be SO great. We get in at 9:30 am so we still have a wonderful full day! President and Sister Mullen will pick us up at the airport and then we'll go to a stake center for lunch. There are 22 missionaries in my travel group and my flight is a direct flight so I think that means there are 22 of us going to SPOKANE! Isn't that crazy and great?!!! Speaking of, HELLO general conference! It was the best conference of my life. Conference through missionary eyes is seriously the coolest. Maybe it was just me, but every talk was about missionary work, right? Or becoming more like Christ and the doctrine of Christ which is pretty much all we talk about here. LOVED it! When President Monson made the amazing announcement about the new missionary age limit we were going crazy here at the MTC! I was holding my breath thinking, "he can't really be saying what I think he is saying!!" And then he said it and we were all cheering. We were just so HAPPY! How cool that I will forever know where I was for this amazing, historic announcement! I can think of like 20 people who will probably leave on missions now! I am so glad I am here being a part of this amazing work! I just feel so right where I am. I am glad that I had the two extra years to prepare and learn for my mission. I know I'm serving at the right time for me but I also know the Lord has been preparing the sisters and elders who are leaving sooner. The Lord is hastening his work! He wants it done. That's why 22 missionaries are headed to Spokane on Monday! 

ALSO, for Tuesday's devotional, Elder Bednar came and spoke! It was so unexpected and awesome! The Apostles are the super heroes of missionary work. There was an incredible spirit in the room. I listened and knew that he was an apostle of the Lord and a witness of Jesus Christ. He gave us some good advice to use in our personal study of conference and other things. First, listen for the doctrine and principles. 2nd, Pay attention to the invitation for what we need to do to follow that doctrine, and 3rd, listen for the blessings promised. He outlines every talk like this and that looks for themes and where the spirit taught him and how he can improve his life. It is something I will definitely be doing once the new conference Ensign comes out. 

Yesterday, I had in-field orientation and it was easily, one of my favorite days here. We do a lot of cool things here and I really have taken the counsel to "embrace each day" to heart. I really have loved every moment of my mission! But yesterday, all the missionaries preparing to leave gathered together for a full day of workshops. We talked about planning our days, using members as our allies, and depending on faith. My dear friend Ellie (hansen) Newell, was working a couple rooms so seeing her was also the BEST! I have loved running into my friends who work at the MTC. The whole day was really exciting and just made me pumped to get out to the field. I am a little nervous but I know the Lord has so many amazing things in store, I just can't even imagine them! I am so excited to teach the people too! I can't wait to have real investigators and love them and serve them! The gospel changes lives and I get to be a part of it! I am so happy!

My new district is great. At first, I was having a hard time adjusting. But i love my elders so much! They are good guys and they have such strong spirits and testimonies. I know they will be amazing wherever they serve. Some are a little older and it took them a little longer to get out on their missions but I am so proud of them. I just love where they came from and where they are going with their lives. They really are focused to serve. I mean, yes, a lot of times they are just a bunch of rowdy boys, but they are my rowdy boys, my dear elders and I'm really grateful I had these two weeks in the MTC as a solo sister to learn from them. BUT I am REALLY looking forward to having a sister companion again and to have more girl time. 

My roommates are super wonderful and even though people told me I'd make great friends on my mission, I am still surprised at how many friends I am making and how many people I love and want to see after my mission! 

I am nearly out of time, but here are some pictures: 

My solo nametag. Que triste, verdad? It's hard to be without a sister companion sometimes.

My district with our teacher, Hermano Erquhart who served in Dallas and Mckinney! 
 Pointing on the big map. I can hardly reach my mission!
Me and my elder companions, Elder Beltran and Elder Barrett. They are so kind and patient with me and have really helped my Spanish! They are both headed to Bolivia on Monday.
(She's wearing my shirt here. So obviously I'm a pretty good sister for finally sharing my clothes with her after all these years)

Have a great Saturday! Love you guys! Missionary work is the best! Everyone should serve a mission, EN SERIO! It's already changing my life!

Hermana Em

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  1. I am SO touched and proud and inspired and excited for Emily!! What a letter! How grateful I am to have such GREAT and wonderful grandchildren. How blessed I feel! And Hannah your blouse looks so nice on her. I loved your insert :) Thanks for sharing. What a great way to start off a new day and she's on her way THIS morning. I am so thrilled and excited for her. N.