Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And they did look steadfastly towards heaven

Hola Queridos,

The sun came out this week and melted all the snow. It was a spring tease and it was glorious! We loved it and drank it all in. Instead of three layers of tights, only one! Pea coat instead of the big black one! And flats instead of boots! Glorious, I tell ya! And then it rained and rained and rained. Asi es la vida.

But it really is always like that. Missions are full of happy and HAPPY and SUPER HAPPY but mixed in those days are plenty of rainfall. But I love my Father in Heaven. I love Him for loving me and giving me experience to grow. He's letting me learn how to stand on my own two feet and more importantly, kneel on my own two knees. I've been praying A LOT this week. It wasn't an extraordinarily hard week. Not like the week the mission split. But I just needed my God and my Savior. Ramon and Miguel are getting baptized this Saturday and Satan is giving us a run for our money. But seriously. everything is happening! We are just not letting our guard down for one second!

On Wednesday, we had a lesson at the Wilson's (they are a senior couple in our branch that we just adore!) and also the Bomans came along. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday (my last one! Welp!) and we talked about using Family History work with our investigators and new converts. So we took the counsel and ran with it. Miguel was sick so only Ramon came along but he LOVED it. The spirit of Elijah was there. It was just incredible. Ramon's mom past away in March and he shared an experience that he had a dream his mom was standing there, beaming, just smiling from ear to ear and he woke up and thought, "I wonder why she is so happy. OH! It must be because I'm getting baptized." Amazing! And he just COULD not wait to start his own family history work and go to the temple! It really was SO cool. 

Then, Satan came along and tripped things up and they didn't come to church on Sunday. It really stressed me out. I mean, they've come for the last 2 months so it wasn't like that big of a deal, but we still had lessons to teach and things to do to plan their baptism and so it was just overwhelming. And then I went on exchanges to Cheney Sunday night and Monday's lesson was left in Sister Walton's hands. And I totally trust her and wasn't worried but I knew she'd have a stressful day and SHE did. Satan still worked hard to fiddle with our appointment and plans. But she was amazing and made it work and taught a stellar lesson and things are good! 

We printed off invites and had them write their testimonies in them and OH! it is precious. I will send one home for y'all 'cause you're going to love it! Ramon invited like everyone to come and he has aunts and his sister and the whole gang coming! I'm so excited!

We also had a mission fast on Sunday to find new investigators. Miracles are already on their way! Two families on our line up this week and we knocked into some less-actives! So great. 

They are kicking us out of here so I don't get to finish my email time. Sorry!

Sure do love ya! And the gospel! AND the Book of Mormon. I'm finishing it this week ('cause it's the last week of the transfer! Crazy!)

Hermana Judd

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