Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 82: I glory in plainness, I glory in truth

Loves of mine,
Christmas is the best time ever to be a missionary! I keep telling Sister Tippetts that I wish everyday was Christmastime on our mission. And then she said that missionary work is also awesome in the Summer and then we talked about all times of the year so I imagine it's pretty much always great to be a missionary. Did you get my Christmas card? I didn't realize how early BYU let out so I hope Becky and Jacob got their cards before they left for home.
This week, Jonathan got baptized! He is such a sweet, cute kid. Afterwards he told us, "I just feel the Holy Spirit!" So great. He will be a wonderful missionary someday! We teach such amazing kids. So pure hearted and innocent. They recognize the truth and have sincere desires to follow Christ. We have been teaching a few families where the kids are more interested then the parents. It's tough because we really want the whole family to be converted together and we know that if only the kids accept the gospel, they will have the hardest time continuing to stay active and going to church their whole lives.
I went to East Wenatchee for exchanges this last week and this week I'm finally going to Othello! Home of the Boucks! I'm getting nervous that I may be transferred next transfer. I don't want to leave Moses Lake yet. I love the members. I love the people we teach. I know I will love wherever I serve but I just want so badly to have one more transfer here. We've just started teaching some really amazing families and I want to be here to see them progress. I know the mission work will move forward whether I'm here or not but oh man, I'd love, love, love to stay here!
Here's some pictures cause I'm for a loss of words today. So much happens in a week and I can't ever quite put it all into one email. I'm so glad I can talk with y'all and tell you so much more!
 I'm not sure what order the pictures are in but here's what's going on:
1. Some sisters in our ward own a little chocolate shop and we stopped in one day to help out. It was so fun. Kind of like my dream come true. Sister Roylance took a picture and texted one to you, did you ever recieve that, mom?

2. Walter (he is one of our recent converts) works on a farm with chickens, cleaning and feeding them and sometimes they have dud (sp?) eggs so he brought some home to show his daughters. Turns out they hatched! I was a little bit freaked out because I've never actually held a chick in my life (what kind of childhood did I have??) But it was just a tender moment in my mission. Life is full of so many joyful experiences. I could hold onto this memory forever just because I know that the life Ana and Walter had before their baptism was so different. There is a different feeling in their home. They are converted to Christ and you can feel His spirit in their home. Family and chicks and love. 
Nothing better! 

3. It snowed! Oh, it was majestic. I was eating it up. Sister Tippetts didn't love it so much because she had to drive through it, but it was just so beautiful and still. So pure and lovely. It feels like Christmas with the snow all around.

4.Jonathan and Genaro before his baptism. I was so proud of Genaro! He really has been changed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was so sweet to see him take his role as priesthood holder in his home. He worked hard to memorized the baptismal prayer and he did perfect! So precious and cute. I love their family so much. What a blessing to be a part of it all.

5. There is a terrible picture of me right before bed, after we finished our daily planning. But I have three tags now! I lost the one on my coat so I ordered a new one and they accidently ordered the wrong kind so they ordered another and so now I have three.

6. Behind the chapel where the Spanish branch meets is a little light show/nativity scene. You can drive by and tune in with your radio to watch the show. It's so cute. It's for the whole stake and they do it every year but this was the first year they had it where the Spanish branch meets. And it's in Spanish too. I just love these people are their little efforts to follow Christ.

I know there is more I want to tell you but I'm nearly out of time. Love you lots! I can email you next week before we skype on Tuesday, so yay!
Thanks for the letters. Love every bit of them. And don't worry. I print out the things you email me and read them later on.
Have a great week!
Hermana Em

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