Sunday, November 25, 2012

quick letter: oh may my soul commune with thee

Hey family!

This will be a quick letter. We just got back from the Temple and we only have about an hour and a half to get everything for the whole P-day done! The temple was great. I'm at the public library today so I don't think I can send any pictures but I will send some next week! I don't even have organized thoughts this week so I'm sorry if this letter is a total bust!

Our last exchange we traded with the Othello sisters! I stayed in Moses Lake and Sister Collins came here but we drove through Othello to pick her up so I wanted to give Brother Bouck a shout-out from his little home town. I thought Moses Lake was a pretty small town, but there is nothing in Othello! Granted, it was night time when we went and I couldn't see much anyway but it was pretty precious. Sister Collins was super awesome. I am hoping she can come to Moses Lake next transfer and be my 2nd trainer! People say you can never guess at how transfers will go because it always ends up being different than what you expect. The worst would be if I leave my Moses Lake. But asi es la vida. I'll go where the Lord wants me to go.

This is Sister Hick's last week so we are going to make sure she goes out with a bang! We are praying and fasting for a miracle. Arturo hasn't set a date for baptism (his wife Virginia got baptized Nov. 3) but we really think he will do it this Saturday. He is ready, SO ready! I asked him to pray last night for a baptismal date and I really, really pray that the Lord will answer his prayers with a quick response! More than anything, the blessings that come from baptism will be so wonderful for his whole family! Claudia and Genaro are going to get their wedding license tomorrow and if all goes well we'll have ANOTHER wedding/baptism day. CRAZY! Sister Hicks said she only had one wedding on her mission before this and I'm already on number 2! Moses Lake is the promised land! So much great work happens here! I really hope I can spend my Christmas here.

Patrick, our hopeful from last week, came on the Church tour and really liked it. We have another appointment with him tomorrow and I'm so excited. I know it will change his life! 

A few weeks ago I told you about Nancy. We met her outside her house and shared the book of mormon with her. We've been meeting with her every week since then. It's been hard because her husband doesn't want to listen but then on Friday we sat down and watched the Restoration DVD with them and he stayed and watched it! He even commented at the end. The spirit was working on him! And then they came to our Branch Thanksgiving dinner that night. Oh, it was precious. A smorgasborg of food that doesn't really belong at thanksgiving. Oh, I love these hispanic people. It's so tough because most of the people we teach are in the spanish branch, and I love spending my time there, but the 6th ward is FULL of amazing members and I love them too. I really want to get to know more people in that ward so I'm setting a goal for next transfer to get in as many homes as possible! It will be perfect since Christmas is coming up and we will have the best excuse to visit people in their home.

Speaking! It's a new campaign to get people excited about the holidays! Check it out and share with your friends!

We were having trouble with a less-active family in the 6th ward and we went over to their house this week and showed them a few videos. It invited a spirit that we hadn't been able to feel there. It was so great! At the end their 12 year old son said the prayer and asked that his family would be able to attend church. It truly was a miracle!

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

Love you all lots. Thanks for the letters and love! And keep the mission calls coming! I'm so happy and excited for everyone! 

Hermana Em

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